How to Fight Beard Itch

How to Fight Beard Itch

Most people don’t ask us about our beards; they simply observe them, experience a moment of awestruck wonder, and then move on. But when people do ask about them, one of the most common questions is “doesn’t that thing itch?” It might get annoying hearing it so often, but we can all attest that the question is valid. Beards get itchy. All hair does – new growth in particular. But… Read More »How to Fight Beard Itch
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One Thing You Should Never Do With Your Mustache

“Your mustache must be getting longer,” my girlfriend said to me the other day. “I like kissing you again.” She clarified that she hadn’t ever disliked kissing me; it’s just that with my mustache always inserting itself into ever lip-lock, it was often annoying. Even frustrating. At first, I took it as a sort of compliment, same as any one noticing that my beard has gotten longer. Men are known… Read More »One Thing You Should Never Do With Your Mustache

Beardless Barber Proposes UK Beard Tax

About 400 years since the last one went away, barber Anthony Kent has proposed a tax on beards in the UK. Kent is the owner of a chain of salons called UK Barber Shops. Bothered by what he calls the “ridiculous nature of taxation in the hairdressing industry,” Kent got the idea for a beard tax after learning that King Henry VIII levied a similar tax in 1535 (to be… Read More »Beardless Barber Proposes UK Beard Tax

In Case You Still Think Beards Are Dirty

Last year a study came out that linked beards with a face full of fecal bacteria. Well, “study” might be a generous term; the story ultimately amounted to a local news TV news reporter who conducted an extremely unscientific experiment and reported her results on what must have been a painfully slow news day. Combine pseudo-science with the popularity of beards, and with no competition from actual news, you’ve got the components… Read More »In Case You Still Think Beards Are Dirty
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6 Underrated Beard & Mustache Styles

Beards have become quite popular over the past few years. The social stigma that once surrounded the act of simply letting your hair grow has started to fade, with employers caring less and less about what kind of face fur a potential job candidate enjoys. With this upward trend in beard popularity, there’s been a good bit of love for the full beard style (as there should be!). But what… Read More »6 Underrated Beard & Mustache Styles

Lemmy’s Chopstache: A Retrospective

Lemmy Kilmister, front man for legendary hard rock band Motörhead and all around rock god, recently died (spoiler alert?). There’s a documentary out there about him, and plenty of articles talking about his life, with other rock stars saying nice shit about him, so if you want to know more about the man himself, then go read some of those. But this is Fierce Bearding, so we’re going to focus… Read More »Lemmy’s Chopstache: A Retrospective
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Fall Cold Weather Beard Tips

Despite the fact that the colder seasons encompass both Movember and Decembeard (Movember’s slightly less official brother), and traditional wisdom says you should grow a face-sweater to counteract the cold, Fall and Winter are both shitty times to have a beard. Spring and Summer weather are way better for bearding, and will produce much healthier beards. But if you’re reading this page, you’re not a punk-ass seasonal beard wearer who… Read More »Fall Cold Weather Beard Tips

7 Beard Myths

Myth 1: Beards contain fecal bacteria Fact: Sure, beards can have fecal bacteria, but so can everything. Your head hair, your hands…hell, your cell phone is more likely to have that shit bacteria on it than your beard. The key is cleaning. As long as you use a good beard wash, you can keep your beard nice and shit-free. Myth 2: If you don’t see a good beard in a… Read More »7 Beard Myths
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5 Best Bearded Dads of Film and TV

Father’s Day is coming up tomorrow, and though it might be a greeting card holiday, it’s not necessarily a bad thing that we’re called upon to remember the guy that had a hand in raising us. Whether it’s your biological dad, step-dad, mom’s long-term boyfriend, or an older brother who stepped up to the bat when he was needed, the male authority figure in your life deserves a little recognition… Read More »5 Best Bearded Dads of Film and TV
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Volumizing: How to Thicken That Fierce Mane

The amount of hair on your face is a function of your genes, with a respectful nod toward the amount of testosterone that’s generally in your system. Beardsmen regularly inquire about ways to make their beards thicker, and unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do to make more hair grow on your face, or to physically thicken the hair. But there are grooming tricks that can be used to… Read More »Volumizing: How to Thicken That Fierce Mane