The Beards Auction Off Beard Rock History


Are you a fan of Australian beard-based novelty rock band The Beards? Then you might want to check out this auction on eBay Australia for a used kazoo.

As you may not know, given that their popularity in the United States has been largely thanks to shares of viral videos, The Beards recently announced their Farewell Tour. They are, at present, a few shows into their farewell tour (sorry non-Aussies – the tour is all Australian). As part of their goodbye to fans, they are auctioning off memorabilia. That’s where the kazoo comes in.

The description of the item on eBay makes no mention of any specific significance of the instrument; merely that it belongs to and has been used by band frontman Johann Beardraven. The auction promises only two benefits to purchasing the item: it will come autographed by Beardraven himself, and will probably contain “a small amount of Johann’s spit.” So if you’re looking to clone a new Johann to sooth your longing for beard-rock, this might be a particularly poignant purchase.

At time of posting, the kazoo has been bid up to $89 AUD ($64.29 USD). Shipping is not calculated on the eBay listing, though the item is lightweight and probably won’t be too costly to ship to any country.

The Beards formed in Australia in 2005. The rise in beard popularity worldwide – particularly in North America – helped them to grow. They have played SXSW, Canadian Music Week, and opened the World beard & Moustache Championships in Alaska. They have been touring since 2009, and after October of this year, will be calling it quits.


Though the band is calling this tour a “Farewell Tour,” the language of their announcements seems intentionally vague. Several places on their site specifically say that the band is ending their “touring and live performing career.” Does this mean they are leaving themselves open to the possibility of future recording? Only time will tell.

If you’ve never given the band a glance, now is as good a time as any to check them out. Start with “You Should Consider having Sex With a Bearded Man” and let YouTube carry you down the rabbit hole from there.