Fall Cold Weather Beard Tips

Despite the fact that the colder seasons encompass both Movember and Decembeard (Movember’s slightly less official brother), and traditional wisdom says you should grow a face-sweater to counteract the cold, Fall and Winter are both shitty times to have a beard. Spring and Summer weather are way better for bearding, and will produce much healthier beards. But if you’re reading this page, you’re not a punk-ass seasonal beard wearer who just wants to hop on the face-fur train for a couple of months and then hop off again. So ride-or-die beard monsters who are bearded for all seasons might need some tips for keeping their proud manes on point when old man winter tries to fuck them up. So listen up.

Cold Weather Will Dry Your Beard

beards in cold weather

Right? So, when it’s cold, you’ve got less humidity. It’s the heat that causes evaporation, which puts vapor in the air. That vapor is going to insinuate itself into your hair and skin, so in warmer months you’ve always got help from nature to keep your mane moisturized. Not so when it gets cold, and the air gets dry as fuck. Then you’re going to need your beard oil more than ever. A beard balm becomes much more important as well, because shea butter and beeswax help lock in the moisture from your beard oil while nature is trying to rip it out.

A little oil goes a long way, as anyone who’s tried to slather more than a few drops onto their faces can tell you. You might think that if you are fighting the cold air to stay oiled up, you might want to use more oil than usual. Don’t do that; just do it more often. You don’t want to get too oily after each use, but if the cold dries you out sooner than usual (which it probably will) then you’ll want to apply again. Most people just apply in the morning, but you might end up needing to throw in an afternoon application as well. Doing one before bed is popular too, so you don’t wake up all dried out.

Waxing Your Mustache in Cold Weather

cowboy handlebar mustache

Using mustache wax is always easier when the wax is warm. Warmer wax is more pliable, easier to melt in your fingers, and easier to apply. So when the weather is cold, your wax is going to be a bit harder. You’ve got a few options that can help you out. A lot of guys, especially those who already use hard waxes, are familiar with these. First, assuming you wax in the bathroom in the morning, you’ve probably got a hair dryer handy. Grab one of those and blast your wax with hot air for a minute or two. That should soften it up real nice.

Some people like to use a candle warmer or an electric griddle to melt the wax, but fully melting it isn’t advisable, and those options will melt the bottom before the top is soft enough. It’s just generally a shit idea so don’t do it.

You can also just use your hands and body heat. Grip the wax tin between your palms and let your body heat warm it up. It’s a good idea to keep your wax in your pocket too, if you don’t already. That way your body heat will keep it warm at all times, and it will never get too hard to use.

Lastly, remember that the cold is going to cause that wax to set quicker than usual. So when you put it in, you’ll want to be a little quicker about working it into your stache. This is true to a lesser extent with beard balm as well, due to its wax content. This won’t cause a lot of difficulty as long as you don’t take too long applying. But it’s worth keeping in mind.

Slow Growing Beard in Fall & Winter

Science has shown that beards grow faster in summer. As far as anyone can tell, that doesn’t really have anything to do with the heat. In summer, we’re a lot more active. We host bar-b-que’s, we hike, swim, all that fun summer shit. In winter, we bundle up and stay inside. Physical activity generates testosterone in our systems, which aids in beard growth. So when we stop moving around so much, our beards grow slower. If it’s too cold where you are to be active outdoors, you might want to hit the gym. Working out at home is fine too, as long as you get your heart rate up and get a little adrenaline going.

Movember is Coming

no shave november

We’ll surely have another article when it’s closer to Movember / No Shave November, but it’s coming up pretty soon. Chances are if you’ve read this far in the article you’re already sporting plenty of facial hair. So this isn’t about joining the club; it’s about welcoming new members. Some guys have an instinct to take a hipster stance and remind all the budding beards and staches that they were doing it before it was cool. It’s fine to be proud of that, but it’s a lot more constructive to congratulate the newbies on finally becoming men. Sure, there are going to be a lot of bandwagoners who will retreat to the familiar safety of their Lady Schicks, but if we all encourage the new growers, we might see just a few more beards come December 1st. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

The cold weather is awesome. Fall and winter bring shorter days and longer nights; just the sort of balance we monsters tend to prefer. But it can wreak havoc on your mane if you’re not careful. Just oil up sufficiently and you can win the battle of the frizz and keep that mane majestic.