10 Great Reasons to Grow a Beard

pai mei chinese bearded man

With summer coming up, a lot of guys are hesitant to grow a beard. If you are on the fence and need some convincing, here are some truly compelling arguments.

10. Look Dramatic


Flipping a long beard puts a point on any statement.

9. Beards Make You Look Interested

Stroke your beard when someone is talking and you don’t even have to pay attention.

8. Beards May Grant Super Strength

Results may vary. Do not try at home.

7. Beards Make Great Hiding Places

Especially for food…

6. And Great Dishes

So if you are ever low on money and can’t afford a bowl, just use nature’s bowl.

5. And Even Shelters!

You can never be homeless if you’ve got a beard house.

4. They’re Great for Animal Lovers

Er, maybe that’s not what an “animal lover” is.

3. They Make You Look Older

And looking older and wiser definitely helps when you want to…

2. Be Taken Seriously

Beards can make anyone look wiser! And let’s not forget…

1. Beards Just Look Damn Good

Like, holy shit.