How to Use Beard Oil: Pro Tips

You may have already used beard oil a time or two, and have a good idea of how to apply it. But there are a few tricks that a lot of guys miss. Slathering the oil on your beard go a long way to improving your beard, but if you give some of these methods a try you may find a serious increase in your game.

The Basics

Applying the oil is simple. Put the amount you need in your palm, rub your hand together, and work the oil into your beard. Nothing could be easier, right? If you start the process with no oil on your beard, and by the time you’re done you have oil on your beard, you’ve accomplished the primary task you set out to.

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Pro Tip: Pay Special Attention to the Skin Under Your Beard

Beard oil is made for moisturizing your beard. But a lot of the problems that bearded men encounter are not caused by the hair, but by the skin under it. Beard itch and dandruff drive so many beardsmen to shave that you’d think they were employed by razor companies. And they’re caused by dry skin.

The skin under your beard is notoriously dry. The coarse hair of your beard doesn’t allow much moisture to stay there, and horrificly itchy dry skin is the result. So when you apply beard oil, make sure you pay close attention to this area.

Pro Tip: Use the Right Tools

Fingers alone aren’t enough to thoroughly work oil into your beard. The two best tools for the job are natural boar’s hair brushes and wooden combs (some guys prefer bone or metal – just so long as it’s not plastic). The bristles of the brush are soft and flexible and really help to work the oil along every hair of your beard. Use it after you’ve already rubbed the oil in with your hands. The comb can be used afterward, and further helps with distribution. It will also separate the hairs of your beard to insure that nothing gets missed by the oil. Also, for the purpose of detangling the hair, the best time to comb is after oiling. So it works both ways.

Pro Tip: Use the Right Amount of Oil

If you have a new or short beard, 2-4 drops of oil is probably enough for you. If you’re rocking a yeard, you’re probably up to 6-7 drops a day. If your beard is older than that, chances are you already know how much oil you should be using.

But did you know that geography can alter these numbers? Think about it. If you live in the dessert, where there is little to no humidity in the air, you might need more oil to keep your beard moisturized. Conversely, if you live in the jungle (or the American southeast) where the humidity is stifling, you might actually need less oil because of the natural moisture in the air.

In the end, you’ve got to experiment and figure out what works best for you.

Pro Tip: Using Beard Balm

A lot of guys look at the ingredients of beard balm, notice that it’s made with oil, and wonder if it’s necessary to use beard oil if you’re going to use the balm. While that’s a logical question, the fact is these two products actually work well together.

Balms are made with ingredients that provide styling capability – beeswax, shea butter, etc. They’re not conditioners like oil, though they will contain oils so that the dry ingredients don’t rob your beard of its much needed hydration. The best beard balms will also be high in shea butter, which is known for its ability to seal in moisture (that’s why you often see it in lip balms). Thus, using beard balm after using beard oil can help the oil to stay put on your face.

Final Thoughts

Using beard oil like a pro can really do a lot to help your beard game out. Follow these guidelines, but always remember that the most important rule is to experiment and find the method that works best for you. Our beards are unique. Our grooming routines must be, too. Beard fierce, brothers!