Why Beards Will Soon be Even More Attractive?

man with full beard shown from half face down

Do women prefer beards on men, or do they like a smooth, baby-faced dude? You can look all over the internet for studies on this, but the general consensus among them is that the ladies like some facial hair better than none, but prefer a smattering of stubble over a monster beard. Bad news for those of us rocking the Rasputin look?

No. We’re just thinking ahead.

See, a recent study shows that straight and bi gals like beards fine when shown pictures of both bearded and non-bearded men. But when shown mostly clean-shaven guys, with only a couple of beards mixed in, those beards were preferred. The conclusion the researchers drew was that beards are preferred when they are less common.

Summer is coming up, and with it, so is the temperature. Every year around this time, millions of beards fall prey to the razor. It makes sense. It’s hot. Beards raise your temperature a little bit, which is great in the winter, but not so good in the summer. Some dudes can’t stand the heat, and as soon as it’s on, expect to see a lot of freshly shaved faces.

Right now, ladies are identifying smooth faces as more attractive (at least the ones used in those studies, which say nothing about what walks of life those women hail from – and let’s be honest, most of us bearded dudes aren’t really looking for straight-laced soccer moms in cardigans). But the research shows they like beards more when there are fewer of them. So what happens when all these winter beards end up on the bathroom floor?

There’s gonna be less beards. That’s what.

And when there’s less beards, beards are perceived as being sexier.

You see where this is going, I take it?

It makes perfect sense. People in general tend to be attracted to the unusual. Women love dudes with accents, because it’s something different. I’m a sucker for redheads, who are only 13% of the population. The exotic is exciting, and the fewer bearded dudes there are, the more exotic the look is.

woman with man with stubble beard

Right now, about 17% of men are classified as “bearded” (which is a questionable number, given that many market studies consider a thin strap of five o’clock shadow to be a “beard”). Imagine if only 10% of those guys were to get all weepy about the temperature and turn to the razor. That decrease would bring the bearded total down to almost 15%. That means that in a group of 100 guys, only 15 of us have a striking feature that grabs the attention of the assembled females. And given that you’ve got a lot of guys who are only on the bandwagon until the trend is over, that number is only going to drop. Maybe the beard fashion hasn’t run its course yet, but soon enough it will. And then beards will be dropping like flies.

Now, ask yourself: “Do I want to be one more face in the beardless masses? Or do I want women to scan the crowd and see only my immaculate mane staring back at them?”

The research has shown what the ladies will prefer.