Bang Your Way to a Better Beard: Sex & Beard Growth

sexy woman lying in bed - sex helps with beard growth

While there is no magic potion to help you grow a better, fuller beard, there’s science that can help. And science really has your back on this one, because you can build a better beard through one of everyone’s favorite activities: Sex.

There’s little question among the scientific community, and those who study beards (pogonologists), that testosterone is the hormone chiefly responsible for the growth of body hair in men. Increased levels of physical activity cause an increase in T-levels, and so it follows that more exercise has a direct effect on male hair growth. That’s not to say that Nobeard McBabyface can take a jog and come back with a full on lion’s mane, but when your body produces an abundance of the beard-growth hormone and regularly sends it to your hair follicles, they get the message and produce a little faster and harder.

There have been studies on the subject, and science also seems to agree that there is a significant boost in testosterone production after sexual activity. Researchers on the matter have debated a bit about whether increased testosterone leads to more sex, or the other way around, but they have also found that the mere anticipation of sex increase testosterone levels. That certainly makes it look like it’s the sex that caused the jack in hormones rather than visa versa.

sexy woman in bed makes your beard grow better!

Studies have even shown that giving E.D. drugs to senior men results in a boost to testosterone. These are not T-boosting drugs, but rather drugs that enable sexual activity. And it was the men who saw higher increased in sexual activity who also exhibited higher increased in testosterone levels. The logical conclusion, then, is that the guys who were suddenly getting laid more were suddenly seeing higher levels of T. The studies say nothing of their beards, but among those who did not shave, we might assume they were immaculate.

old man with big beard and cigar

So the conclusion we can draw here is that:

1. Sex increases testosterone levels.

2. Testosterone is responsible for beard growth.

3. Sex is an excellent tool for beard growth.

Though we’re inclined to drop the mic at this point, we’d merely like to wish you well in your endeavour to put this vital beard-growing strategy to work. Take this knowledge and run with it, my bearded friends, and as always, beard fierce!