10 Best Beards in Heavy Metal

10. Tom Araya (Slayer)

the mighty gray beard of tom araya of slayer

Tom Araya of Slayer has worn his bad ass beard for years, and it’s been gray for a lot of those years. The coloration combines with the dark hair of his head to create the look of a sort of metal-Jerry-Garcia-wizard.

9. Scott Ian (Anthrax)

the beard of scott ian of anthrax

Scott’s billy-goat beard is his signature look. Whether it’s what won him the heart of the lovely Pearl Aday, and the approval of her father Meat Loaf, is unknown. We speculate that it at least helped.

8. Zakk Wylde

zakk wylde beard

Zakk hasn’t always rocked the beard, but it’s been an important part of his look for so long now that seeing earlier pictures of him without it is just bizarre. As beards do, his has made him a completely different person. The braid thing has been a more recent addition to the look, and we definitely approve.

7. Rob Zombie

rob zombie beard

Rob Zombie’s music is classified, at least by Wikipedia, as three different kinds of metal (heavy, groove, and industrial). It’s not like metal genres aren’t insanely numerous and borderline arbitrary anyhow, but it’s at least slightly impressive to straddle so many lines. And in a famously monstrous beard to boot.

6. Mark Morton (Lamb of God)

Mark Morton (Lamb of God) Beard

Mark Morton’s long hair and beard bring to mind a certain other lamb of God. Mark’s beard is particularly full, though, and combined with that hair of his, tends to bring all the girls to the yard.

5. Kerry King (Slayer)

kerry king of slayer beard

Admittedly, this list is a little Slayer heavy. But with Tom Araya and Kerry King, the band is really bringing strong beard game. Kerry generally binds his, which gives him a very uniquely awesome look.

4. Valient Himself (Valient Thorr)

valient thorr beard valient himself

Valient Thorr is a band from North Carolina, with the names of Norsemen. It’s fitting, then, that they demonstrate the way kickass beards bridge the gap between metal and southern rock.

3. Andy Williams (Every Time I Die)

beard of andy williams every time i die

Andy Williams of the crazy ass metalcore/southern rock/punk hybrid Every Time I Die has one of the meatiest beards in metal. That monster mane is the sort of thing beardsmen and pogonophiles dream about (though each for different reasons).

2. Sean Z. (Dååth)

sean z beard

Sean Z. was the winner of the beard competition over at Metal Sucks a few years back, and nearly topped our list as well. The damn thing’s nearly to his waist at this point. It’s longer than his hair, which is not short. But he doesn’t quite make it to the top of our list, because…

1. Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth)

Johan Hegg Amon Amarth beard

…took this amazing photo, and changed the world of metal beards forever. Good on you, Johan.